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Before registering at Shortgird, users are asked to read carefully the text of the agreement.

The responsibility not to be considered by this agreement is the responsibility of the user, so please read the terms of the agreement carefully.


Agreement conditions
 Shortgird use for all ages.

All links sent to this service must comply with the laws of the Indonesian. Passwords rejected for any reason will be disabled.

Stacking can contain links to sites that have no control over their content or activities. Therefore, there is no connection between this site and sites that use this service to link to themselves or other sites. This clause includes advertisements displayed. This is also on the site.

Links in Palinock can be edited or deleted by the developer in the future, Pilink has no responsibility for permanent links by the developers themselves and is allowed to activate or access the links provided by the Link Creator itself.

Registration and use of Pilink is subject to acceptance of the rules above. Using this site means accepting these rules.

The agreement will be finished soon ...

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